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We struck up a friendship about 10 years ago when we were both working as senior leaders in the NHS. We bonded over G&T and would regularly meet up to put the world of work to rights.

We were agreed that leadership needed to change, but were uncertain about how to make that happen.

Fast forward to 2021, we had both set up our own businesses (Lee made the leap full-time and Carrie-Ann was balancing hers alongside the day job) and realised (over a G&T of course) that now we could do something about the things that frustrated us about leadership.

We started going live on Instagram, moved to LinkedIn and then launched our own podcast - previously known as How to Take the Lead. Our weekly, seasonal show where we tackle the myths and stereotypes of leadership, share our own stories and experiences, and challenge others to think about leading in a different way.

Starting a substack felt like a natural progression. A space where we can explore further the issues raised through the show - think of this as your companion guide where you can also get directly involved in the discussions.

About your hosts…

Meet Lee

Lee Griffith is an executive coach and leadership strategist who works with CEOs and senior leaders to maximise their impact. A former award-winning communications and engagement director with over 20 years of experience, Lee has supported everything from major incidents to reconfigurations, turnarounds and transformations. She now runs her own company, sunday skies, and speaks regularly about how leaders can build connection and effect change through great communication and engagement. Find out more via www.sundayskies.com.

Meet Carrie-Ann

Carrie-Ann Wade is founder of Cat’s Pajamas Communications which focuses on mentoring communications professionals to grow and thrive in their careers. She is a former award-winning communications director in the NHS with over 20 years of communications and marketing experience. She has been named one of F:entrepreneur's #ialso100 2020 top female entrepreneurs and business leaders, and Cat’s Pajamas has been recognised in Small Business Saturday's UK #SmallBiz100, as a business with impact. Find out more via www.cats-pajamas.co.uk.

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Real work conversations challenging corporate BS leadership. Formerly known as 'How to Take the Lead'


Having realistic conversations about what's happening in your workplace. Pull up a chair, bring your tipple of choice and join us to put the leadership world to rights.
Recovering corporate bod, still shaking off the BS. Figuring out life and sharing my experiments as I go! When not on here I'm a leadership coach, communicator and strategist. Podcast host (Leaders with impact and @howtotakethelead).